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About Voyson:What I'm Currently Doing

The following things are presently in the focus of my life. (as of 2023-03-18)
  Creative Projects: - I take care of the marketing of_the_book "Future_Democracy"  F →Future-Democracy.info - I act as a consultant in_several legal_disputes, including_constitutional_lawsuits in_the_Federal_Republic_of_Germany - I evaluate and_optimize the method_for_psychotherapy and_personal_development that_I_have_develped, "The_Golden_Way", in_further_case_studies I →fdmc.info#The-Golden-Way (PDF)   Edutainment: - I'm watching the_TV_sitcom Fuller_House on_Netflix in_Norwegian (I've_already_watched_it in English, German, French, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Danish, and_Spanish) - I'm watching numerous culture_documentaries about many_different_countries of_the_world Other: - due to the Corona_crisis, a_lot_has_been_neglected_here, including_in_our_household and_in_our_offices, which_we need_to tidy_up / work_off now step_by_step
02. What I'm Currently Doing
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