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Voyson:What I'm Currently Doing

The following things are presently in the focus of my life. (as of 2022-03-17)
Edutainment: - I'm watching the TV sitcom Fuller House on Netflix in Danish (I've already watched it in English, German, French, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Romanian, and Japanese) - I'm watching the TV sitcom Scrubs on DVDs in Italian (I've already watched it in English) - I'm watching several seminar series on DVDs (in German): 1. Trauma Therapy (8 hours) by Gisela Perren-Klingler 2. MiniMax Interventions (8.5 hours) by Manfred Prior 3. Solution Visualizations (4.5 hours) by Manfred Prior 4. Ericksonian Hypnosis (26 hours) by Manfred Prior 5. Hypno-Systemic Concepts for Coaching and for Developing Teams and Organizations (45 hours) by Gunther Schmidt Creative Projects: - I'm translating from German the book F →Future-Democracy.info (about 600 pages) - I'm producing instructive videos on dealing with the Corona Crisis and for a wider societal enlightenment, see R Crisis Help Cast and I Rise of Reason Cast - I'm producing music visualization videos for my five music projects with 12 albums, see O Voyson's Music - I'm administrating the online community D →Future-Democracy.net - I'm developing a better internet with many helpful tools, which also will be a really social website (in stark contrast to the web 2.0) - I'm continuously colleting notes for three novels (philosophical-utopian monumental novel; adventure fantasy for kids; space science-fiction trilogy)
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